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Meet your trusted Pennsylvania home care agency.

Our Mission

Golden Home Care supports families in becoming caregivers for their loved ones, helping them provide a healthy environment where all can thrive.

Much like a seed that grows in the right environment, we work with our caregivers and their loved ones to cultivate a nurturing environment. Together, we can compassionately care for those in our community so they can live a barrier-free life.

Based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Golden Home Care offers unparalleled support and family-centered services to our caregivers. We specialize in personalized pediatric care, adult home care, and developmental care.

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Why Golden Home Care?

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Quality Training

When training to become a paid caregiver, rest assured we comply with all federal, state, and local laws.

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Diverse Communities

Led by a team of diverse trained professionals, we proudly serve communities of many cultural backgrounds.

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ongoing support

You’ll be treated like family and offered continual support. Consider us your long-term partners in home health care.

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