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We believe you are the best caregiver for your loved one.

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You’re known for leading with kindness and empathy—so are we. At Golden Home Care, we share your passion for enhancing the quality of life in our communities. Together, we can achieve this by cultivating fulfilling, healthy environments where children, aging adults, and special needs individuals can thrive.

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Benefits of becoming an in-home caregiver


Give personalized, empathetic care that honors the dignity of your loved one.

Create a healthy environment so your loved one can continue to thrive.


Receive financial compensation for the compassionate care you already give.

A deep sense of reward in knowing your loved one is comfortable and safe.


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Pediatric Services

Through the Family HHA Program, family members and friends are encouraged and compensated for offering care to children 21 years of age or younger. This includes children with complex conditions including autism, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, or other medical issues. If you are interested in becoming a trained caregiver for your loved one, contact our team today to begin the process.

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Adult Home Care Services

Thanks to the OLTL Waiver Programs, you have an opportunity to provide non-medical home care to elders. Becoming a trained caregiver will give your loved one a sustainable environment that prioritizes their well-being while respecting their independence. To get started with at-home caregiving, contact our team.

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Developmental Services

Supported by the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs, we allow friends and families to become paid caregivers for adults with special needs. Together, we will create a protective services plan that ensures the safety and comfort of your loved one. To create a healthy environment that encourages independence and growth, take the next steps in becoming a caregiver.

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Skilled Pediatric Nursing Services

Consider us your pediatric nursing partners for the long term. We offer 1:1 continuous skilled nursing care based on a customized care plan developed in partnership with PCP, family members, and specialists. We always keep the patient’s culture, background, personality, and preferences in mind.

You have what it takes to become a paid caregiver.

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